White worms in my compost bin


I have a question we purchased your UCT-7, I have never had an enclosed compost bin and we purchased it to speed up composing.  But the other day I opened it to check the batch and there were these small white worms all over and I mean all over the inside, they are not maggots.  I must admit it’s kinda gross, what are these and will the cause problems if I use the compost in a vegetable garden?

My answer:

If they are not maggots then they are probably enchytraid worms also known as pot worms. People doing vermicomposters are really glad to see them typically because they help break things down and are considered a health part of composting. The problem for some is keeping them alive and working. They should not cause any problem I know of by adding them to your soil later. You can go online and check out what others are saying about these little guys.

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